Survey: Every third woman in Serbia victim of sexual harassment

 A third of young women in Serbia suffered some sexual harassment, ranging from unwanted touching to more explicit forms – the Beta news agency reports, quoting a survey conducted by the Autonomous Women Centre, a non-governmental organization.

The Centre conducted the survey in June this year, and the question asked in the survey was “Have you ever experienced any sexual harassment?”

Based on the survey results, the most common type of sexual harassment experienced by every second young woman in Serbia was wolf-whistling, sending kisses and simulating licking.

“Girls are more often subjected to certain types of sexual harassment than men, and they are more likely to recognize such behaviours. The survey also showed that young people could not identify behaviours that constitute sexual harassment,” said Sanja Pavlovic from the Autonomous Women Centre.

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The most frequent form of sexual harassment in Serbia is giving people an inappropriate nickname, and eight out of ten girls were called “a doll”,  “a sugar”, “a pussycat” and similar, while only one out of ten men experiencing such sexual harassment.

“Six out of ten young women receive sexually harassing texts and phone calls, while every third man has the same problem”, the survey has shown.

Pavlovic also said that Serbia has begun to treat such behaviours as a crime of sexual nature last year, punishable by a fine or six months’ imprisonment.

“It is important to know that girls and young women differently react to these types of sexual violence, but also that every behaviour with a sexual connotation that humiliates or scares us is a crime,” Pavlovic added.

(N1, 09.10.2018)



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