Survey: Almost 50% of young people plan to leave Serbia for good

Year after year survey results indicate the need for systemic care for young people and that this needs to be the relevant institutions’ priority.

Young people leaving Serbia is a negative trend that is becoming a rule, while data on the quality and satisfaction with life in Serbia are quite alarming. All relevant actors need to actively work on resolving these challenges, reads the National Youth Council of Serbia Report for 2023.

The annual Alternative Report on the Position and Needs of Young People in Serbia was created based on research carried out from April to July 25 on a sample of 1,209 young people between the ages of 15 and 30.

Almost half of the young people in Serbia (49.2 percent) are planning to move out of the country, while only 11 percent insist that they will not leave.

A higher standard of living is the main reason why they would move out (32.2 percent), followed by ‘a dignified life’ (27.7 percent).

Over half of respondents (54.2 percent) believe the political system in Serbia does not allow young people to influence political processes and decisions, while only 0.7 percent think the very opposite.

The electoral system in the country enjoys the trust of 76.4 percent of young people, while 30.9 percent believe that elections in Serbia are not hones and fair, 45.5 percent that they are not at all honest and fair while only 1.6 said they are fully honest and fair.

The young also do not trust any of the institutions mentioned in the survey. They have the least trust in the media, political parties and political institutions, while they trust the military, the Church and the Youth Office the most.

Exactly 60 percent of young people believe that Serbia needs a strong leader whom the people will follow, which is the highest percentage in the past six years.

Compared with the previous reports, a positive reaction to the European Union (EU) is at a record low this year, while the negative is close to the 2020 record high.

A concerning fact is that as much as 18 percent of young people are undocumented workers, that is they have no job contracts.

(N1, 14.08.2023)

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