Survey ahead of Sunday election – SNS enjoys support of 44.6% of voters

In the upcoming parliamentary elections in Serbia, the election ticket “Aleksandar Vučić – Serbia must not stop”, centred around the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), is projected to win the largest number of parliamentary seats as it enjoys the support of 44.6% of voters – said IPSOS agency after a conducted survey.

The next strongest election ticket is the “Serbia against violence – Miroslav Miki Aleksić – Marinika Tepić” coalition with 23.6 percent of votes and the third-ranked is the “Ivica Dačić – Prime Minister of Serbia” election ticket with 8.7 percent.

Based on the survey, the following election tickets are probably going to reach the election threshold – “Dr. Miloš Jovanović – Hope for Serbia”, “We, the voice of the people – Dr. Branimir Nestorović” and “Milica Đurđević Stamenkovski – Boško Obradović – Nacionalno Okupljanje – Državotvorna Snaga”. Ipsos notes that there is a probability that the latter coalition will not reach the election threshold.  

The expected turnout is 56.4 percent, that is, it is expected to range from 54.6 percent to 58.2 percent in relation to the number of registered voters, Ipsos notes. The voter determination survey was conducted on a sample size of 3,712 respondents, in the period from December 12 to 14, 2023. The lower, middle and upper voter turnout threshold for the election ticket “Aleksandar Vučić – Serbia must not stop” is projected at 42.5 percent, 44.6 percent and 46.7 percent respectively and for the “Ivica Dačić – Prime Minister of Serbia” 7.5 percent, 8.7 percent and 9.9 percent respectively.

(Politika, 15.12.2023)

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