Survey about concerns of Serbian consumers

When they cover their basic needs, most people in Serbia are left with no money for certain external costs, or personal needs. This is what the survey “The Biggest Concerns of Consumers in Serbia”, conducted by Nielsen, has shown.

“Our survey shows that 77% of the people surveyed rarely buy something that they desire, rather than need. 66% of them also think that Serbia is still going to be in recession in the following 12 months. Such situation undoubtedly affects individual consumer habits, and the general situation with consumption in Serbia”, Nielsen says.

So, what are the biggest concerns of consumers in Serbia? First and foremost, it is job security since 21% of those surveyed worry about losing their jobs. In terms of unemployment, Serbia occupies the fourth place in Europe, just after Spain (18.2%), Greece (24.3%), and Bosnia and Herzegovina (27.7%).

Right after job security, our citizens are mostly concerned with their health and the need to eat healthy. The average amount they spend on food and personal hygiene products a month stands at 28,178 dinars (or 229 EUR), which is 79 EUR less than the European average. When asked whether they had changed their habits from last year in an effort to save more money, 59% of them responded with ‘yes’ – the survey shows.

Relative to last year, people in Serbia spend less on entertainment outside home, new clothes and new technology. However, they are not so willing to give up activities like travelling or smoking cigarettes in a bid to save more.

Even if the economic situation improves, 21% of those surveyed said that they would continue saving on electricity and gas, 17% said that they would continue spending less on entertainment, and 16% would spend less on cigarettes.

Despite the grim data, there are some positive indicators too like the consumer trust index which, this year, has reached its highest ever level in Serbia.

(Politika, 04.09.2017)



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