Survey: 83% of adult Serbian citizens would like to leave their country

The InfostudData team conducted a nine-month survey to find out to which countries the Serbian citizens most often emigrate. The idea is to implement more efficient measures to combat the outflow of the working-age population in the country.

The research was backed by the UNDP Laboratory for Accelerated Development in Serbia, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), and the German Organisation for International Cooperation (GIZ).

When asked if they are thinking of leaving their country, 83.1% of the respondents responded with “yes” and only 17% are not thinking of emigrating from Serbia. Respondents who would like to move out cited the following reasons: “To live in an organized system” (42%), “To have opportunities for a better income” (29%), as well as “To be in a healthier social environment” (15%).

Of those thinking of emigrating from the country, 84% would like to move long term, i.e. permanently, while 16% of those intending to emigrate would return within a year, probably after earning some money or gaining the desired experience.

The dream destinations for Serbian citizens include Western European countries (Germany, Austria, Great Britain) which dominate with 63% of votes, followed by North America (the USA and Canada) with almost 17%, then Australia and New Zealand with 6% and the countries of the region (Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia) with almost 6%.

When asked why so many people want to leave this area, most of the answers are related to economic and social problems affecting society.

The first reason is the bad economic situation (44%), laws do not apply equally to everyone (16%), the bad political situation (13%) and negative social selection (11%).

Despite the large percentage of respondents who are thinking about leaving, most of them are passive on this issue. In fact, the results show that only 23% of those who are still in school and 36% of respondents who are employees are actively working on moving abroad.

In terms of motivations to leave, respondents who are already working or unemployed, mainly want to live in an organised system (44%), earn more money (30%) and be in a healthier social environment (15%). University students often cite further education at a good foreign university (8%), vocational training (9%) and gaining new life experiences (10%) as their main reasons.

(Danas, 11.05.2021)



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