Survey: 75% people in Serbia want lasting peace with Kosovo Albanians

The Institute for European Affairs said on Wednesday that more than 40 percent of Serbians think Serbia has lost Kosovo while about the same percent think it hasn’t.

The March poll showed that 44.2 percent of the public believe Kosovo is lost while 44.6 percent think it hasn’t been lost with 11 percent undecided. The public opinion survey also showed that 23 percent of the polled feel that the Serbian government should recognize Kosovo while 56 percent believe that will not happen.

The survey added that 75 percent of the respondents said they would not support the recognition of Kosovo in order to get European Union membership with just 16 percent saying that would be acceptable. It said that 49.9 percent of the polled think Serbia can’t re-establish control and sovereignty over Kosovo, 35 percent believe that is possible.

A huge majority – 87.7 percent – said they have no idea what the Serbian government plans to do about Kosovo and 53.5 percent said they would not support any plan by President Aleksandar Vucic which would secure independence for Kosovo.

The poll showed that 60.5 percent of the public would vote “no” at a referendum to recognize Kosovo’s independence but that 75.2 percent support establishing a lasting peace with the Kosovo Albanians.

(Nova Politička Srpska Misao, 18.08.2022)


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