Survey: 46% of Serbs would die for their country

Close to 46 per cent of Serbian citizens would be prepared to fight and risk life for their country if war broke out, according to the survey conducted by Gallup and Worldwide Independent Network, conducted in 64 countries around the world.

In terms of readiness to fight for their country, Serbs were ranked the38th in the world. On a global average, 61 per cent of respondents said they would be ready to fight for their country, while 27 per cent answered the opposite.

As expected, the significantly higher percentage of men than women replied that they were ready to fight – 67%, but it is interesting to note that most surveyed women also answered with a “yes”, 52 per cent of them.

Still, significant differences between the surveyed countries and global regions have been identified.

The highest percentage of those willing to fight for their country is in the Middle East and North Africa – 83 per cent, while the lowest is in Western Europe – 25 per cent.

The survey was included 62,398 participants from the countries around the world, i.e. 1,000 people per each country.

Croatia was not among the countries where the survey was conducted, but some other countries of the former Yugoslavia were.

The results show that citizens of Kosovo (58 per cent) are the most willing to fight in a war, followed by Bosnia and Herzegovina (55 per cent), Serbia (46 per cent) and North Macedonia (38 per cent).

There is also a considerable variation among different religions. The Muslims are most willing to go to war – 78 per cent, followed by Hindus (77 per cent), Buddhists (66 per cent), and atheists and agnostics (57 per cent).

Among the Christians, Orthodox Christians are the most willing to fight for their country (53 per cent), with Catholics right behind them (52 per cent) and Protestants (48 per cent). About half of the Jews (51 per cent) are ready to fight for their country, the study shows.

(Politika, 27.05.2019)

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