Survey: 37.5% of Serbian electorate identifies with ideas of centre-right

The largest number of voters in Serbia, i.e. 37.5 percent, identify with political ideas that can be described as centre-right, according to the results of research conducted by the House of Win agency.

According to the assessment based on the results of the research, voters are quite confused when deciding who to vote for, because many of them support both right and left ideas at the same time.

The survey, in which 5,500 respondents participated, also showed that 19.3 percent of respondents identified with ideas that could be described as centre-left, which means that the political centre in Serbia belongs to a substantial majority of 56.8 percent of respondents.

As Blic daily reports, when it comes to ideas that can be described as decidedly left or right, 11.4 percent of respondents identify with decidedly left ideas and 31.8 percent with the right.

The results of the research also showed that 26.5 percent of voters vote based on which candidate seems nicer to them, 23.7 percent based on campaign promises, while 14.2 percent look at a party’s programme and ideology.

The research also confirmed that 42.3 percent of Serbian voters are against Serbia joining the EU, 77.6% are against Serbia joining NATO and 77.6% are against Serbia recognizing Kosovo’s independence.

When asked whether genocide took place in Srebrenica, a third of respondents, or 31.8 percent, answered that they couldn’t answer the question or had no opinion about it.

Survey respondents were also offered four imaginary ballots and when asked which ballot they would vote for if elections were held on Sunday, most of them, i.e. 37.5 percent, chose the list “Serbia First (centre right)”, followed “Serbian World (right) 31.8 percent, while 19.3 percent would vote for “Europe Now” (left centre) and 11.4 percent for “Citizen of the World (left).

(RTV, 06.11.2023)

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