Surplus of 700,000 registered voters compared to the number of eligible voters

The electoral rolls in Serbia in some cities show as many as 36,000 more eligible voters than the number of residents; the largest “surplus” of voters is registered in Novi Sad and Belgrade, while at the national level, there are 651,170 more voters than those eligible to vote.

This is shown by the data analyzed by Dušan Dačić, a student of the Faculty of Law interested in cartography, who has been analyzing various demographic data for a couple of years and presenting them in the form of maps.

One of the latest maps made in cooperation with economist Bojan Jovanović, who is in charge of mathematical verification of the data, shows the difference between people registered on the electoral rolls and the number of adult citizens in Serbia in 2018/2019.

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Dačić’s results show that Belgrade has 16.9% more registered voters than residents eligible to vote, or 232,655 more voters, followed by Central Serbia with 9.7% surplus or 288,422 voters and Vojvodina with a “surplus” of 8.2% voters, or 130,093 people eligible to vote.

A frequent argument used by authorities, that the most experienced researchers and demographers do not agree with, is that the surplus in the electoral rolls is due to a significant number of residents moving out of Serbia and that voters from the diaspora are not registered, but Dusan Dačić says that that argument does not hold up.

“Some people have said that people living abroad are not included in the electoral roll but I disagree. We can see that the data shows that the greatest “surplus” of citizens on the electoral lists is in the largest cities, Novi Sad and Belgrade, and not in the smaller places which are known for excessive migration. On the contrary, smaller places here register a minus, i.e. a lack of people registered in the electoral roll,” Dačić says, concluding that only by comparing these smaller places can we see how many irregularities there are in the electoral rolls.

(Danas, 04.01.2021)



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