Summer holidays will cost much more this year

Longing for the sea, beaches and suffering from pandemic-related fatigue, Serbian tourists hope that this summer they will finally be able to travel to their favourite summer destinations, considering that countries are easing their epidemiological measures.

However, the prices of tourist arrangements for Greece and Egypt have skyrocketed, and they are between 20% and 30% higher than last year.

Experts say that the abolition of epidemiological measures will not guarantee more holidays than in the previous two years.

In Greece, a popular destination for Serbian nationals, the prices of tourist accommodation have increased significantly. The increase is due to the jump in energy prices, so, on average, the prices of apartment accommodation have increased by 15% and hotel accommodation by 20%.

“Greeks no longer use affordable workers from Bulgaria, so the cost of a working hour has increased which has automatically led to the increase in the cost of apartment accommodation. As for hotel accommodation, the number of available rooms has been reduced, and therefore the price of hotel rooms has increased,” said Dejan Bukarica, who works in a travel agency.

Turkey already increased holiday prices last summer, so they will not change significantly this year, while Italy, another popular destination, is expected to allow foreigners to freely enter the country from May 1. Tourism experts are almost certain that Italy will also increase accommodation prices. In Spain, on the other hand, prices have remained the same as before the pandemic for now.

Vacations in Egypt are just as popular since you usually get an all-inclusive package for a few hundred euros, with airfare included. However, this year is different according to Ivana Jakić from Belgrade, who spent 13 days there last year at the cost of 713 euros. This year, the same accommodation is offered at 1,035 euros per person.

“They have increased the prices from 21 to 37%, i.e. they have reinstated the prices they had before the pandemic, even though the pandemic is still ongoing. The new prices would be bearable if the level of service and quality of food also returned to the pre-pandemic time,” she says.

(Alo, 21.02.2022)

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