Subsidies for the purchase of hybrid or electric cars still available

This year, the Ministry of Environmental Protection initially allocated 120 million dinars to subsidise the purchase of new electric and hybrid vehicles, and so far, more than 300 applications have been submitted by natural and legal persons; one application can include several vehicles, so in total, the applications received include more than 400 vehicles.

Due to the great interest, the funds foreseen in the budget were all spent in August, which is why the Government of Serbia reacted quickly: additional funds were approved so that all citizens and legal entities interested in purchasing these vehicles could exercise their right to the subsidy.

The subsidies are different for different types of vehicles, so for the L1 L2 type vehicles (mopeds and light tricycles) 250 euros are allocated, the Ministry of Environmental Protection says. For vehicle types L3 – L7 (motorbikes and heavy quadricycles) 500 euros are allocated.

EUR 2,500 subsidy is allocated for M1 and N1 type vehicles (passengers with up to 9 seats and light trucks) that run on a hybrid drive with an internal combustion engine and have at least one electric motor, for which electricity is generated to recharge the batteries inside the vehicle, with CO2 emissions of up to 140 g/km.

A subsidy of EUR 3,500 is envisaged for M1 and N1 type vehicles (passenger with up to 9 seats and light truck) starting with a hybrid drive so that the vehicle can move independently for a certain time without activating the internal combustion engine on the electric drive, with the requirement to have an external power connection, as well as electric vehicles with a built-in composition to extend the range of movement with CO2/km emissions up to a maximum of 50 g/km.

Finally, vehicles of type M1 and N1 (passenger with a maximum of 9 seats and light truck) exclusively with electric traction are allocated 5,000 euros. The prerequisite for being granted this subsidy is that you purchase a new vehicle, with own funds or via a leasing arrangement.

Most of the subsidies so far have been distributed for hybrid vehicles, in the amount of 2,500 euros per vehicle, and most subsidies were given in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Niš.

(B92, 20.09.2021)

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