Subsidies: Animal husbandry and agriculture as priorities

The milk premium of 7 dinars per litre will remain the same in 2017, while animal husbandry will be one of the priorities in allocation of subsidies, as will investments in agriculture – says agri-economic expert, Milan Prostran.

Another good thing is that the funds for animal husbandry and beekeeping subsidies have been increased too, as have the funds available through the agricultural investment fund, which, in practice, means that more money will be available for perennial crops, cold storage facilities and agricultural machinery – Prostran says for the Danas daily.

The downside is that subsidies for fuel, mineral fertilizers and certified seedlings will be reduced, Prostran adds.

Apart from that, only 4% of the country’s state budget will be allocated to agriculture, while, in reality, it should be over 5%.

“On average, only 58 EUR of subsidies are allocated per individual farmer in Serbia, while in Croatia this amount was around 100 EUR before the country joined the EU. In Hungary, for instance, this amount is 230 EUR while the EU average is 147 EUR”, Prostran adds.

The price of milk in the EU is around 22 Eurocents, while in Serbia, the maximum amount that a dairy farmer can get for its milk, providing it is of top quality, is 37 or 38 dinars per litre.

(eKapija, 19.12.2016)

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