Students to block two streets in Belgrade today in protest

A group of students announced that today, at noon, they will start a protest in front of the Ministry of State Administration and Local Self-Government and hence block the Kneza Miloša and Birčaninova streets intersection.

They called on people on social media to bring tents, blankets, sleeping bags and food and water.

They also stated that they will join the ProGlas initiative at the protest in Terazije tomorrow.

Also, the Solidarity political platform called on trade unions and workers to raise their voices, take action and show that they are a relevant social force that will not keep silent and watch the authorities apprehend and lock away young people just because they raised their voice against election fraud.

The events we have been witnessing since the election day, December 17, require us to put all our differences aside and, in unison, do all that we can so the young people in Serbia do not become a generation of political prisoners, said Solidarity.

It underlined that the regime was caught in election fraud and that it is fiercely punishing the youths who have decided to stand up to that.

“Those who rigged the elections are accusing this country’s children of attempting to overthrow the constitutional order, and those who have been stealing from this people for over a decade are keeping this country’s children in prisons because they bravely pointed their fingers at the thieves”, Solidarity said.

On the other hand, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said he is not afraid of the opposition, its protests and fabricated and prearranged reports by election observers claiming massive irregularities.

He said Austrian politician Andreas Schieder, who robbed his own party, is the one talking about irregularities and alleged election fraud.

“He allegedly saw theft. Do you know what he actually saw? He saw what they presented to him. He saw 496 ballots that they submitted to the Republic Election Commission, which are all in order,” said President Vucic.

He added that everything had been prearranged.

Commenting on the people arrested at the Serbia Against Violence Sunday protest, he said these were people and children who had been encouraged by the opposition leaders to demolish the city.

(Blic, Beta, 29.12.2023)

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