Strikers from Fiat Plastik left without a bonus

The employees of the Kragujevac-based factory, Fiat Plastic, who participated in the months-long strike, will not be paid the bonus, which is why two lawsuits will be filed against the employer, Beta news agency was told by the Independent Trade Union of that factory.

The trade union president, Zoran Miljković, said that only a couple of workers would receive the bonus since most of the employees took part in the strike.

The strike was held due to the reduction of salaries in 2021, because, according to Miljković, the employer violated the Labour Law, the Strike Law and illegally, during the strike, moved the machines for the production of bumpers to another production facility.

The workers from the sister company, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Serbia (FCA), as previously announced, will be paid a bonus today.

Miljković said that the Fiat Plastik employees were also entitled to the bonus in the amount of 25,000 dinars, except for those workers who used sick leave.

“The move of the employer not to pay the bonus to the strikers is the rudest expression of their arrogance, which again violated the domestic labour and strike laws,” said Milljković.

He announced that two lawsuits were being prepared against the employer, one for discrimination against workers and violation of workers’ rights, and the other for financial damage inflicted on workers.

“I talked on the phone today with the Labour Minister Darija Kisić Tepavčević and informed her about the violations of workers’ rights. She promised to contact the FCA manager,” said Miljković.

He stated that they received assurances from lawyers that they will surely win the lawsuit against the employer in court, which will incur additional costs at least 1,000 euros per worker.

(, Beta, 28.12.2021)



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