Strike at Fiat Plastik intensifies

The workers of the Fiat Plastik factory in Kragujevac are continuing their general strike, and the president of the Strike Committee, Zoran Miljković, has been forbidden to enter the company. Security also did not allow journalists to film the moment when Miljković was prevented from entering the factory and asked everyone to leave.

“At the gate, security received a list of workers who are on strike and who were banned from entering the factory. They took away my entry clearance. This is an unprecedented violation of labour rights. Fiat even took some workers out of our factory to load car bumpers into their trucks. We are currently drafting a report to the labour inspectorate against the violation of the law in Fiat Plastik,” says Zoran Miljković, president of the Strike Committee.

He adds that “90 per cent of the employees are on general strike”, and that during the holidays and the leave two months ago, “Fiat moved a large number of machines from Plastik to Fiat assembly plants”. The strikers’ demands are an increase in wages and equal status with the workers of the parent company.

(N1, 16.06.2021)


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