Workers on strike at Falc East in Knjazevac

After the workers at Falc East’s factory in Knjazevac went on strike on Friday, 12th May, the Association of Trade Unions Sloga said that they have launched procedures for forming a trade union in that company.

To remind, the workers went on strike after the Italian proprietors of the company reduced they salaries by at least 5,000 dinars which, for many, meant that they would get below minimum wage. Also, the workers complain that their overtime was not paid, that they were not allowed to form a trade union, and that their bosses were not treating them properly.

The workers also claim that the factory’s management printed out memos, threatening them with layoffs if they go on strike.

The Sloga Trade Union Association sent a letter to the company’s management demanding a meeting at which “they would discuss establishing a trade union at the company and have a civil discussion in the spirit of social partnership”.

Yesterday, the representatives of Falc East and Sloga signed a protocol stipulating end of the strike and workers getting back to their work stations to resume production.

The protocol was also signed by the municipal officials, as guarantors that everything that is stated in this document will be executed. It was also agreed for Falc East to pay workers their full May salaries, as well as financial help, namely – 4,000 dinars to each worker on the assembly line, 2,000 dinars to the workers in the sewing department, and 1,500 dinars to workers in other factory departments.

The financial help will be paid by noon Thursday, 18th May, the latest.

It was also agreed that the workers would not be penalized because of the strike but that the dialogue between them and the management should continue with mutual understanding and no blackmailing. Also, the individual job contracts will be harmonized with the relevant regulation, and a job classification rule book will be created while taking into account the company and the workers’ best interests.

The Sloga Trade Union Association, which has over 650 members working in Falc East, welcomes the signing of the protocol, and the company’s management deciding to have a proper dialogue with the employees. The representatives of the Municipality of Knjazevac served as mediators, as well as helped with resolving this difficult situation.

(Istinomer, Istocne Vesti, 17.05.2017)


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