Which Stories From Serbian Mythology Should be Adapted For The Entertainment Industry?

Mythology from ancient civilizations has endured for thousands of years and, instead of being forgotten about, has been adapted and made accessible to generation after generation. Some of the most commonly known myths come from ancient Egypt and Greece, but there are also numerous ideas from other regions that have influenced a great amount of popular culture. The entertainment industry has a heavy reliance on turning to myths for ideas. However, aside from vampire themes, there seems to be a distinct lack of Serbian mythology in the mainstream.

Mythology is Prevalent in Entertainment
Most people know a fair bit about ancient mythology without even realizing it, as there is so much content in mainstream entertainment that draws from legends of old. Some ideas for modern fiction are influenced by myths, while others are direct adaptations of the age-old tales. People tend to have a fascination with medieval beliefs and folklore, mainly because it so different from the world we know of today.
Greek mythology has perhaps been the most ubiquitous of all the mythologies over the years and is considered to be one of the biggest influences of modern literature. It has been represented on countless occasions in mainstream media, with some recent examples being the Age of Gods series of slot games from Playtech. These are among the many NetBet slots that use themes from ancient mythology, with Kings of Gold and Gods of Death two other examples that draw from ancient Egyptian legend.

Some other examples of Greek mythology being used in modern blockbuster titles are Wolfgang Petersen’s 2004 film, Troy, and Rick Riordan’s popular Percy Jackson series of books. These were later adapted into movies that were highly successful at the box office.

Serbian Stories Could Offer Exciting Options
There are plenty of incredible characters and stories from Serbian legend that could make for excellent games, television series, or films in popular culture. A lot of Serbian folklore involved vampires, but some other creepy creatures could be adapted for modern audiences. The karakondzula, for instance, was a mythical demon that was said to wreak terror during the twelve days of Christmas. They were hellish, goblin-like creatures who would punish and torment those who committed adultery. This could be an excellent idea for a Christmas-themed horror movie.

Another terrifying creature from Serbian legend that could be turned into a terrifying modern tale is Psoglav. This is a creature that people believe used to exist in Eastern Europe. It had the body of a human, but the head of a dog with iron teeth. It also possessed the legs of a horse, making it a particularly frightening monster. It lived in caves and was said to feast on people – both alive and dead.
Perhaps the reason why Serbian mythology isn’t more commonly found in the mainstream is the fact that a lot of it is quite dark. Some of the characters from the folklore here, though, are so intriguing it is a shame that they aren’t represented more. They could easily be transported to games or horror films.

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