Stellantis Kragujevac to start test producing the new electric vehicle soon

The test production of the electric car at the Stellantis factory in Kragujevac will begin in coming weeks and once finished, it will be test driven in the town but with a cover on.

The Beta news agency has learned this from a well-informed source, who says that hiding the look of a new model and doing a test ride with a cover are well-established practices ahead of the official reveal, which is expected to take place in the summer.

Kragujevac residents remember that that Fiat 500L, ahead of the promotion, was first driven with a cover, as part of the test ride, so that nothing could be seen except for the size of the car.

According to the source, the serial production of the electrical car at its full capacity, in two shifts, should start in October.

The electric car which will be produced in Kragujevac bears no resemblance to Panda. It is larger and reminds of an urban SUV.

The Autonomous Trade Union of the Stellantis factory in Kragujevac says that the employees, of whom there are around 500, have been joined by over 100 workers who were on temporary employment at Stellantis’s car factories in Slovakia and Poland.

The president of the factory trade union, Sasa Djordjevic, told Beta that the first group of workers from Slovakia had returned to Kragujevac at the end of December and the final batch at the end of February.

He added that Stellantis had invited those workers to return to Kragujevac six months before the expiration of the two-year employment deadline.



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