Stefanović:“SNS knows they would lose Belgrade election, that’s why they are not scheduling it“

The Deputy President of the Freedom and Justice Party, Borko Stefanović, says that the political crisis (in Serbia) can be resolved in the elections and added that the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) is aware that it would “lose the Belgrade election”.

“They (SNS) would have lost the election in Belgrade if they took place today, which is why they won’t call them even though (Aleksandar) Vučić promised that to the citizens of Serbia. The government must fulfil what was asked of it by the relevant international institutions, the OSCE and the European Commission,” Stefanović added.

“If they (SNS) fail to do that… we will provide an adequate answer. If they do not fulfil their promise, that would be a violation of the Constitution and relevant laws. When the government behaves the way it currently behaves, and we have all witnessed its behaviour for the past 11 years, they are no longer bound by anything except the law,” Stefanović goes on to say.

To remind, in June of this year, Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić said:” “Now it is clear that we will have early parliamentary elections. It’s just a matter of deciding the month in which the parliamentary elections will take place… tensions in society are always resolved through elections”.

(, 03.08.2023)

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