Stefanovic: “We’ll try to postpone the election with the help of the EU”

Postponing the elections that are set to take place on June 21 is a plan mostly due to the health-related reasons but also because of the lack of the rule of law and press freedoms, deputy leader of the opposition Freedom and Justice Party (SSP) Borko Stefanovic told FoNet.

Attempts to postpone the elections are carried out with the assistance of mediators and interested parties, such as the European Union, through European Parliament, according to Stefanovic. He said the Alliance for Serbia (SzS) “has been insisting on this for months and is maintaining continuous communication with the officials of European Commission and European Parliament.”

He also said he did not prefer talks with Vucic but would talk to the representatives of the state and the ruling party.

“We are talking to people and other opposition parties and groups, to gather as many of us as possible,” he said.

“We are not trying to convince Vučić of anything, because he will never give us anything, we lost this hope a long time ago,” said Stefanović.

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Commenting on the fact that EU representatives believe that the election boycott is not the right solution, Stefanovic said that many people support it and Serbia should not be the only country in Europe where elections will be held on the brink of a pandemic.

When asked whether the SzS would participate in the election if Vučić postponed them for the autumn, he replied that “it is not just about postponing the elections, but about changes that prevent pressure on voters and allow the opening of the media, especially RTS TV”.

“The opposition is happy to be alive, after 8 years of torture, beatings, persecution and arrests,” underlined the SzS’ vice president. It has preserved its unity, although, he admits, this has been “partially ruined by the decision of the Free Citizens’ Movement (PSG) to participate in the election.

(Nedeljnik, 17.05.2020)

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