Stefanovic: “We are seriously thinking about re-introducing mandatory military service”

Serbian Defence Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic says that the Ministry is seriously considering the possibility of re-introducing the mandatory military service in Serbia, although a decision on this will not be made in a hurry, because, according to him, it is important to consult all parties involved.

“We want to make a decision following a broad public debate, in a conversation with citizens and professionals and we want to ensure that the Serbian army has adequate size of reserve staff. We will carefully consider all ideas in this regard,” Stefanovic told the Prva TV.

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He added that the decision would be made in order to reduce the need for new professional soldiers to be hired, and said that the Ministry first had to think about where the soldiers would be accommodated and what training they would get.

“Unfortunately, since 2012, resources such as barracks, recruitment and training centres, have been decimated, so we need to think seriously about where soldiers will be housed, what training and equipment they will be given and whether the state and the army will benefit from this, ” the Minister added.

Stefanovic reiterated that the Ministry was seriously contemplating re-introducing mandatory military services, but that the decision will be made when the time is right and when all consultations with the all participants in the decision-making process have been carried out, mainly the Army and the General Staff.

(Nova, 03.01.2021)





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