Stefanovic: “Vulin orders a public opinion survey about his popularity ratings, must be fired”

The Vice-President of the Party for Freedom and Justice (SSP), Borko Stefanovic, has asked the Serbian First Minister Ana Brnabic and President Aleksandar Vucic to immediately dismiss Defence Minister Aleksandar Vulin, who launched public procurement to find a company that would conduct a public opinion survey about his popularity ratings during the coronavirus pandemic.

The procurement was launched on March 25, when there were 384 positive coronavirus cases in Serbia, while four people lost their lives, says Stefanovic in his letter to the President and Prime Minsiter, adding that if Vulin was not fired, that would mean that political ratings were more important than human lives.

“Today is March 29th, 10 people have died of the coronavirus in Serbia so far, and a total of 659 people were infected. The deadline to participate in the procurement is April 3,” said Stefanovic, assessing that Vulin wants “national money” to measure his ratings.

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Stefanovic, along with the letter, presented evidence of the public tender launched by the Ministry of Defence.  

The Ministry of Defense’s employee union will also urge the Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and Prime Minister Ana Brnabic to “respond urgently to the arrogance” of the Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin and to “sanction him adequately”.

“In the midst of a state of emergency, when Serbia, as its officials claim, is fighting an invisible enemy, when the President is announcing deaths of a dozen of Serbian citizens, a call for participation in a tender was published with the aim of conducting a poll to measure Minister Vulin’s current public rating to carry out opinion polls on the actions of Minister Vulin.

This is tantamount to a doctor, whose patients are dying from the coronavirus, organized a popularity contest for the best doctor in the hospital, chosen by a jury, while leaving patients at the mercy of the virus and destiny,” the Ministry of Defence’s employee union states.

The Ministry of Defence responded that public procurement for media monitoring services is part of the Ministry’s annual procurement plan for 2020, which was adopted earlier this year and is expected to start in March.

(N1, 29.03.2020)

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