Stefanovic (SSP): “Serbia is the first country in Europe for corruption”

“Serbia is in 99th place out of a total of 100 countries on Forbes’ list in terms of safety against COVID, with only Colombia ranking worse”, the vice president of the Party of Freedom and Justice ( SSP), Borko Stefanovic, warned.

“In terms of the state of democracy in society, Serbia ranks the same as autocracies such as Belarus, Hungary and Turkey. Our country tops only one list – Vucic’s regime has made Serbia the most corrupt country in Europe, according to data collated by the Basel Institute, “said Stefanovic in a live chat on Facebook.

He also said that “the regime persistently deceives both national and international public” and that even after the epidemiologist Predrag Kon admitted that the number of deaths from COVID-19 was much higher than originally claimed, the government continues to deceive the public with the doctored data about COVID-related deaths.

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Stefanovic also said that both the British ambassador to Serbia and the management of UKEF should comment on the financial agreement between the British agency, UKEF and the government of Serbia relating to the construction of the Moravian corridor.

“The details of that agreement are shrouded in secrecy and obscurity, for no justifiable reason. We believe that the financial agreement between UKEF and the government of Serbia must be publicly revealed, available and completely transparent, “said Stefanovic.

According to him, no information regarding loans that have been taken out to finance the construction of the Moravian Corridor should be hidden, especially since UKEF is a public agency, under state control of the United Kingdom and financed by British taxpayers.

“We also believe that public funding, budget money, loans and agreements with foreign governments that affect our citizens are something that public opinion must be aware of,” Stefanovic concluded.

(Danas, 30.09.2020)

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