Stefanovic (SSP): “By giving millions in subsidies to Rauch, government increases poverty in Serbia”

Borko Stefanovic, vice president of the Party for Freedom and Justice (SSP), said that the government, “through the contract with the “Rauch” factory was continuing implementing its policy of huge subsidies for foreign investors while, at the same time, increasing poverty in Serbia”.

“In this case, the government will pay Rauch EUR 73,000 per each new employee at the Koceljeva factory,” Stefanovic warned.

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According to the SSP, “the contract stipulates the payment of EUR 2.2 million of financial support, with Rauch obligated to hire only 30 workers who will receive a salary 20% above the minimum wage. It is equally scandalous that the contract also provides for Rauch to make a propaganda film about the realization of this investment which the state authorities can use for free as strategic marketing, which clearly shows that the workers are not financed but the state propaganda is.”

Stefanovic concluded by saying that “the government is continuing the practice of wasting money on foreign investors in order to create cheap jobs, without transferring know-how and technology, which only encourages the growth of poverty in Serbia”.

(, Beta, 08.01.2020)


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