Stefanovic: ‘I have done nothing to harm Vucic’

Serbian Defence Minister and chairman of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) city council in Belgrade, Nebojsa Stefanovic, said that he had always worked in line with the law and had never participated in “activities that endangered either President Aleksandar Vucic or his family”.

“Did I make mistakes in my work? Certainly! I am always ready to answer for my mistakes. Securing a chair forever is not a priority for me,” Stefanovic said, responding to the question of whether he would resign after “the SNS party branches across Serbia demanded his removal from official positions.

Stefanovic added that he would consult with people from the party before making any decisions.  “First of all, I will talk with the president, who has confidence in me and has said so several times. When we make a decision, whatever it may be, I will announce it publicly,” Stefanovic concluded.

(Nova, 19.05.2021)


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