Stattwerk to create the first “green facade” in Belgrade

The former Beobanka building on Zeleni venac has been finally sold after five unsuccessful attempts to the Stuttgart-based company Stattwerk.

The new owner of the building has recently said that the building was not going to be transformed into a five-star hotel as previously announced but rather into an office-residential building.

What distinguishes this building from other ones in Belgrade is ​Stattwerk’s idea to have plants instead of the ordinary façade thus making it the first green building in Belgrade.

According to company’s website, their objective is to offer “different,” greener” vision of working and living space. The company also says that “they want each of their projects to be thoroughly ecological and to contribute to raising the environmental awareness of people and local communities.”

The plan is to lease the space to companies that sell electric cars, and green companies, start-ups and organizations.

For the time being, the company is going to cooperate with Grass Garden from Belgrade, to test the “green wall” that will enable efficient use of water necessary for maintenance of greenery in the first building with green facades in Serbia.

This “green wall” is made of light panels produced in line with the latest technology from the finest polycarbonate materials resistant to UV radiation. The smart irrigation system of Israeli company GreenIQ is used to maintain this green wall. The system is controlled online via an application which sets the time and schedule of irrigation by using local weather information and thus saving up to 50% water consumption for irrigation.

The building will also have a rainwater collection system which will later be used as technical water, as well as solar panels and wind turbines with vertical axis of rotation for the production of electricity. There will also be piezoelectric floors, which will convert kinetic energy into electricity.

The company claims there is a need for the building to be rebuilt and add horizontal impacts in order to meet modern regulations. The deadlines and more precise details of this project and its implementation remain unknown.

Stattwerk, which specializes in transforming old production plants and warehouses into residential and office space, paid EUR 4.25 million for Beobanka building.

(eKapija, 27.08.2017)


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