Stattwerk to create a green oasis in downtown Belgrade

The Stattwerk Company has bought a Beobanka building in Belgrade, and plans to buy two adjoining buildings in order to restore them and turn them into a green oasis.

The two other buildings are the one used by Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS) in Carica Milica Street and the Tax Administration Building in Zeleni Venac.

The German company plans to invest 30 million euro in the entire complex, the reconstruction of the Beobanka building and the adaptation of the two other buildings which facades are going to be covered in plants and vertical gardens, in order to make them energy-independent.

The multi-storey Beobanka building in Zeleni Venac is today only one segment of the entire complex that Energoprojekt built in 1960, which comprises of three parts.

In 2016, Stattwerk bought the central 13-storey building, which is popularly known as the Beobanka building, and once the company obtains all the required documents, it says that it will take between 12 and 15 months to completely reconstruct the building.

The German company plans to merge the former unit built by Energoprojekt and with the building at 2, Carice Milice Street and the building at 16, Zeleni venac.

“We have contacted the EPS and the Ministry of Finance, but also the higher authorities, and they have all welcomed our idea so we are optimistic that everything will be realized in the coming period,” says Stattwerk’s architect, Sara Petrovic.

Energoprojekt built this building for itself in 1982, while Beobanka, which occupied the building until 2002 when it went bankrupt, moved to the tower in Zeleni Venac.

The building has been empty for years, and in 2007, its façade was removed.

“In the next couple of months, after we obtain the location permit, we are going to start with the initial work on the facility,” Petrovic said and added that if the authorities decided to sell the other two facilities soon, the work on them could start too in matter of months.

Stattwerk’s architects say the building will have an underground and surface garage with 514 parking spaces, as well as parking spaces for cyclists and chargers for electric vehicles.

“The project also envisages the use of renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic cells, vertical generators, geothermal energy, and heat exchange through sewerage systems and verticals”, says Miodrag Grbic from the German company.

Also, the building will have office space that will be rented only to eco-friendly companies as well as an eco hub which is “the heart of the project and represents a platform for networking startups and investors who support green ideas” – Grbic adds.

The building will also house a hotel with 70 apartments planned for long-term renting, and on the top of the building there will be a public viewing area and a restaurant. The building will span a total of 30,000 square meters, and the facade will be covered in 2,707 square meters of greenery.

(B92, 11.05.2018)

Photo credits: Stattwerk

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