Statistics: Most people in Serbia earn 25,000 dinars

The biggest number of workers in Serbia, nearly 350,000 of them, received a net salary of 25,000 dinars in November 2017 – the Serbian Statistical Office says.

In the same month, the so-called median wage, i.e. the wage “in the middle”, meaning that a half of the workers earned below this level and half above it, amounted to 36,788 dinars, while the average salary amounted to 47,247 dinars. 66.7% of employees receive less than the cut-off salary – the Serbian Statistical Office says.

From now on, the Statistical Office will receive salary / wage data from the Tax Administration instead generate it from a survey known as RAD-1. This includes about 1.85 million employees, that is, all taxpayers, compared to a sample of 800,000 legal entities from the previous survey.

Apart from the employees whose work is covered by a job contract, the new analysis now includes the wages of temporary and seasonal workers, as well as the wages in the police and the Serbian Army which had not been previously included.

According to the new methodology, the average wage in 2017 amounted to 46,600 dinars, which is 1,293 dinars less than the wage calculated by the previous methodology.

The biggest differences are noted in January and December. According to the new methodology, the average salary in January 2017 was 12.4% higher, while, in December 2017, it was 10.3% lower. This is due to the fact that employers usually pay out a part of January salary in December to help their employees to cover their costs over the holiday period.

(Danas, 27.08.2018)


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