Statistics: An average family in Serbia has 1.58 children

The State Statistics Office (RZS) says that the average number of children per family in Serbia is 1.58 and that almost half of the families in Serbia are parents with children.

Almost 1/3 of the families are married couples without children, 13.7% are single mothers with children, and only 3.6% are single fathers with children.

In Serbia, more than half of families have one child, 40% have two, 6.7% have three, while only 1.4% of families have four or more children. Analysts noted that it is becoming increasingly rare for several generations to cohabit, so more than 88% of families live by themselves and not co-habiting with relatives. Two generations cohabit in 11 percent of cases and three in 0.8 percent, the RZS announces on World Family Day.

(Biznis i Finansije, 15.05.2022)


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