State will locate companies that laid off more than 10% of their staff via paid taxes

Finance Minister Sinisa Mali said that small business owners can count on new state aid measures during the pandemic as long as they have not laid off more than 10% of their staff during the state of emergency.

In fact, the State will pay each worker, employed by a small business, about 750 euro, or just over 90,000 dinars, equivalent of the minimum wage for three months.

In addition to this financial assistance, small businesses will not have to pay loans and financial leases, taxes and contributions, and will not have to pay income tax for 2020 for advance.

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The Minister also said that thousands of workers had returned to their jobs after the introduction of these measures.

The economic assistance measures apply to those companies that have laid off less than 10% of their staff, excluding those workers whose job contracts have expired and have not been extended, and those companies who temporarily suspended their activities after 15 March.

(Biznis i Finansije, 05.04.2020)


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