State to give over EUR 2.100 to drivers for replacement of diesel cars

In mid-December, the Serbian government approved the Air Protection Programme that covers the period from 2022 to 2030.

One of the measures/activities that will be implemented in the coming period which aim is to improve air quality is the state giving financial incentives for the replacement of the oldest diesel-powered vehicles with newer ones that pollute the environment less.

A total of EUR 2.6 billion has been set aside to finance the entire programme, of which EUR 102 million is intended for the replacement of old, diesel vehicles.

As stated in the Air Protection Programme, incentives for the purchase of environmentally cleaner vehicles will amount to EUR 2,100 for the purchase of a passenger car, EUR 2,500 for the purchase of light trucks (trucks with a maximum permissible weight of no more than 12 tons) and EUR 2,900 for the purchase of a bus.

It was also underlined that financial incentives cover 35 percent of the cost of purchasing used Euro 6 vehicles.

The programme also envisages financial incentives for delivering the oldest Euro 1, 2 and 3 diesel passenger vehicles and trucks (except N3) and Euro I, II and II diesel buses to recycling centres.

The programme’s goal is to dispose of 122,300 vehicles in this way by 2025, and another 17,900 in 2026.

(eKapija, 26.01.2023)

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