State to give 30,000 dinars for third and fourth child

Starting from 1st July, the Serbian government will start implementing measures aimed at boosting the birthrate in the country. The measures stipulate that new parents will receive 12,000 dinars a month for the next ten years for a third child, and 18,000 dinars a month for their fourth child – Slavica Djukic-Dejanovic, the minister in charge of demographic and population policy, has confirmed.

She added that the government was nearly done preparing the amendments to the relevant law that would facilitate this financial assistance.

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“These are the measures that directly mitigate the economic difficulties associated with raising children, namely the third and fourth child in the family. New mothers will get 30,000 dinars a month for their third and fourth child combined, and the measure also applies to the children born from the beginning of this year”, Djukic Dejanovic said after she announced of the competition for allocation of birthrate incentive funds to the municipalities.

One of the incentive measures also stipulates that women, who have already given birth via IVF, are also entitled to three more state-funded attempts at having a second child via IVF too.

(Nedeljnik, 21.05.2018)


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