State to better regulate aesthetic medicine sector

A working group, formed by the Ministry of Health, in charge of plastic surgery and anti-age treatments, is finalizing a document that will determine which criteria should be met by those medical professionals who want to perform non-surgical, anti-ageing medical treatments – the Politika daily learns.

The criteria will be disclosed by the end of September. According to these new criteria, a doctor, who specializes in this medical branch and wants to provide non-surgical, anti-ageing treatments like injecting Botox and Hyaluronic acid, must have at least three years of professional experience and additional training to do so.

Also, the new criteria will more clearly define who can give training and how many interventions a doctor has to do with a mentor first so that they are allowed to work independently later. Also, inspectors will be more engaged in the active control of various beauty parlours where, usually, unprofessional people carry out these treatments without permission, as the goal is to protect patients from amateur interventions.

Professor Marijan Novakovic, PhD, the chairman of the aforementioned working group, underlines that Botox and Hyaluronic acid treatments currently pose the biggest problem, as it is usually the people, who are trained at short courses, provide these kinds of treatments.

“When such interventions are performed unprofessionally, patients are left with complications that are caused by infections, deformities, necrosis … We had a case where a person found an affordable treatment but, as it turned out, neither a doctor nor a pharmacist carried out this treatment, but a designer”, says Dr Novakovic.

According to Dr Violeta Skorobac Asanin, president of the Serbian Aesthetic Surgeons Association, the consequences of poorly executed procedures can be seen immediately after the intervention, but also several months later.

“The so-called Tyndall Effect can result from early complications that occur in various non-surgical interventions with Hyaluronic acid. Subcutaneous swelling, infection, venous thrombosis or arterial embolism can happen in the lower eyelids, resulting in local necrosis or loss of tissue on the face, skin, subcutaneous tissue, nasal muscles, the middle part of the face, lips, lower eyelids or loss of vision. If Botox is injected by an untrained person, it may cause temporary distortion of certain muscles on the face, double vision, inability to swallow, difficulty in laughing and pronouncing certain consonants, and face swelling. Incorrect administration of these treatments can even cause something known as “wrinkling of the skin”. Late complications, as a result of unprofessional injection of Hyaluronic acid, can also include chronic swelling and granulomas, and even chronic pain, scars and various skin irregularities”, says Dr Skorobac-Asanin.

By having untrained people do these treatments, patients risk their lives, and most often they say that they did not know that they were treated at a non-medical facility because they are usually given that a medicine-related name.

“Patients should never decide on the intervention before reading online all the information about the treatment provider and the place where the treatment is provided. Also, they should check if these places are registered for carrying out medical activities. The product that is injected should be in its original package and hermetically closed. It also should be opened before the patient’s eyes. Furthermore, patients should determine whether the person who administers the treatment has a valid licence. It is also important to control the companies that import these products. The law should not allow doctors who are not educated to provide such treatments and use such products to do so, and especially non-physicians should not be allowed to do that”, Dr Skorobac-Asanin adds.

(Politika, 29.08.2018)


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