State Secretary’s son to become a member of managing board of REM?

Milos Gajovic, one of the candidates for a new member of the Managing Board of the Media Regulatory Body (REM), is 24 years old, has graduated from the private faculty, Megatrend a few months ago and has no work experience.

Milos is the son of the former Secretary of State for Information of the Ministry of Culture and Information, Aleksandar Gajovic.

In his application for membership of the REM Managing Board, the young Gajović writes that “during his studies, he actively participated in various seminars and round tables related to media and management, as well as analyses of the work done by electronic media”. He adds that he has participated in television debates in TV and radio programme, as well as “volunteered in different social segments”.

The announcement of his application to become a member of the REM Managing Board provoked various reactions on Twitter. Comments ranged from “a boy to look out for” to “where do these frustrated kids get off”.

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Tomorrow, the Culture and Information Committee of the Parliament of Serbia will determine the list of candidates for the members of the REM Board. In addition to Milos Gajovic, the current Board member, Olivera Zekić, is also running.

According to Cenzolovka, both Zekic and Gajovic were suggested as candidates by the Aleksandar Vucic – For Our Children parliamentary caucus.

While Olivera Zekic running again for the board member makes sense, since she was a media consultant and member of the REM Managing Board in the previous term too, the question remains what the young and inexperienced Gajovic is doing on the candidate list.

(Nova, 24.11.2020)

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