State of emergency lifted; no more curfew

Last night, the Serbian Parliament passed a decree to abolish the state of emergency. Members voted in favour of the government’s decision to lift the state of emergency. The decision will enter into force as soon as it is published in the Official Gazette.

In effect, this means that the curfew ended at 5 a.m. this morning.

155 Members voted in favour, 1 was against, 1 Member abstained and 1 Member did not vote.

154 MPs voted in favour of the decrees approved by the government and co-signed by the President of the Republic during the state of emergency. Four MPs were against it, none abstained.

Eleven decrees valid during the state of emergency have been repealed too. They refer to the organization of work, certain fiscal measures, crisis loans and participation in criminal proceedings.

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Although there will be no curfew following the abolition of the state of emergency, some emergency measures remain.

Gloves and masks will be required in public transport, but also in restaurants and cafes, social distancing will remain in place, as will the ban on public gatherings; schools will not resume work as the online education will continue. For the time being, cinemas and theatres remain closed.

The recommendation is that citizens still keep a 2-metre-distance until further notice, and contacts such as hugs, handshakes should be avoided. People over 65 years of age are allowed outdoors for an unlimited amount of time, but they are advised to spend a lot of time at home. Walking is allowed, but not in groups. Weddings, christenings and birthday parties will be allowed from June 15. Public transport in Belgrade starts again from tomorrow, Friday, and from next Monday, children will return to nurseries.

(Danas, 06.05.2020)


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