State incentives for investors in production of audiovisual work in Serbia

The Government of Serbia has adopted the Decree on incentives for investors willing to invest in the production of audiovisual works in Serbia, which will be implemented by the Ministry of Culture and Information by allocating funds for that segment.

As announced by the Ministry, the decree aims to increase the number of film projects implemented in Serbia, stimulate the creation of films and promote the potentials of Serbia in the film industry.

The decree envisages the provision of incentives of up to 25% of the qualified costs for making feature films, documentaries, animated films, special-purpose films and TV films or series.

For an audiovisual work which production budget is over EUR 5 million, the incentives will be provided in the amount of 30% of the qualified costs.

In order to mitigate the economic consequences of the pandemic on the audiovisual production in Serbia, the new feature is the amendment of the stipulations which regulate the minimum budget for a special-purpose film and an individual episode of a TV series, which is now EUR 150,000, instead of EUR 300,000, and the length of an animated series of ten episodes is now 40 instead of 50 minutes.

The right to the incentive can be exercised for the production of a feature film, TV film and a documentary of at least 70 minutes and an animated film of at least five minutes, as well as a TV series of at least three episodes, under the condition that an episode is at least 40 minutes long.

Animated series of at least ten episodes of a total length of at least 40 minutes and a documentary TV programme of at least 40 minutes are also eligible for the funds.

The incentives are to be allocated based on the constantly open public call opened by the Ministry of Culture and Information, and requests are submitted to a special commission whose task is to assess the submitted applications and determine whether the audiovisual work meets the requirements. The commission is formed by the government and has a mandate of one year.

The funds to be allocated to the investor are non-repayable.

(eKapija, 14.01.2021)

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