State helping pensioners with 20,000 dinars each is a pre-election bribe

Following the Serbian President announcing that each pensioner in Serbia would be getting financial assistance in the amount of 20,000 dinars from the state budget in February next year, just a month before the elections, Aleksandar Vučić practically told people in Serbia that the purchase of votes had become legitimate, and that Serbian taxpayers would pay for the SNS’ election campaign.

Despite the fact that the coronavirus pandemic caused a huge economic crisis in developed countries as well, let alone in the less wealthy, President Aleksandar Vučić seems to be spending budget money relentlessly.

Vučić was also quoted as saying that the 20,000 dinars would be “the state’s gift to pensioners”, ignoring the fact that the money would be paid from the state budget, i.e. that it is Serbian taxpayers’ money, not only the money paid by voters and members of the SNS into the state budget.

A rough calculation shows that Vučić’s „gift“ will cost us around 300 million euros, i.e. almost three percent of the budget.

Furthermore, the president has announced that pensioners will be paid 50 euros each from September 20 to 22, while the rest of the Serbian citizens will receive 30 euros in mid-November. Also, between December 13 and 15, all adult Serbian citizens will be getting another 20 euros from the state budget.

“This is structural and systemic bribery, and it is so obvious that it is impossible to interpret it differently than as vote buying. The timing is completely obvious, considering that the elections have to take place by the end of April next year the latest”, says political analyst, Djordje Vukadinovic, noting that “Serbian taxpayers are now, directly and indirectly, financing the SNS election campaign, and that the paying voters from the state budget before the elections proved to be the most effective way to bribe them.”

(Nova, 04.08.2021)




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