Startup market in Novi Sad and Belgrade worth 502 million dollars

The American organization Startup Genome has published a new edition of its annual report, which estimates that the startup ecosystem of Belgrade and Novi Sad is worth about 502 million dollars

This year’s Genome survey included nearly 300 startup ecosystems around the world, making it the most comprehensive to date. The new research gives a much more realistic picture of where Serbian entrepreneurial scene is in the world.

The report is available to the public and it shows that for the second time that Belgrade and Novi Sad ecosystem is the only one in the Western Balkans.

Probably the most important data present concern the evaluation of the value of the startup ecosystems analyzed and this year the calculations show that the value of the Serbian one is about 502 million dollars.

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The report underlines that there is significant room for improvement in the index of investment activities in this sector, as Serbia, if we analyze the level of investment in startups, is still rated the lowest.

The authors of the report acknowledge the growth in the domestic gaming industry through two major acquisitions: Novi Sad’s studios 3Lateral and Eipix were acquired by world leaders in gaming software last year Epic Games and Playrix, respectively.

Serbia is still ranked among the top five countries in terms of the number of blockchain developers in the world and, for the second year in a row, the report identifies blockchain and gaming software as the national sub-sectors with the greatest development potential.

(, 25.06.2020)

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