St Martin’s summer ahead of us

Although autumn has begun, the last week of September will be warm with above-average temperatures; colder weather is expected only towards the end of October, meteorologist Nedeljko Todorović says.

October will be unusually warm. Nedeljko Todorović says that the last week of September will be warm and sunny with above-average temperatures of over 20 degrees and on some days over 25 degrees. The same weather, he says, is expected in the first half of October, which means that we are going to have so-called St Martin’s summer.

“Cool mornings, warm days. This whole period will have no precipitation, maybe, on some days, a bit of clouds and rain, but most days will be sunny and pleasant,” Todorović adds.

Asked when we can expect typical autumn weather, he says that strong winds (so-called košava) are expected at the end of October, a sign that we are entering the cold part of the year, with fog and the first frost. November will bring more clouds, rain and wind, as well as foggy weather.

As of Friday, there will be a significant increase in temperature, and that the maximum temperature will be close to 30 degrees on 25 and 26 September.

(Nova, 21.09.2021)



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