SSP:”Serbian Progressive Party continues to force workers in public companies to vote for them”

The Freedom and Justice Party (SSP) has called on citizens to provide information on blackmail related to the collection of safe votes in public companies ahead of elections and guaranteed that an investigation will be conducted in every company if the current government loses next year elections.

“We guarantee that an investigation will be conducted in every company where employees will be called to testify and all those who mistreated people in this way will go to jail,” the SSP party said in a statement.

Along with the announcement, a short video was also published showing a person, whom they claim to be one of the heads of the public company Beogradski Vodovod i Kanalizacija, Tomo Puletić, asking employees to put their name on a list as a safe vote (for the Serbian Progressive Party – SNS).

Recently, similar lists also appeared at Postal Savings Bank (Poštanska Štedionica), and a Serbian Progressive Party official Natasa Markovic, who is also an employee of Poštanska Štedionica, was responsible for collecting safe votes.

(N1, 03.10.2021)


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