SSP: “Young people employed via Moja Prva Plata programme don’t have any workers’ rights”

The Freedom and Justice Party (SSP) has warned that young people in Serbia who have obtained a job under the Moja Prva Plata (My First Salary) project don’t have any rights in the workplace because they receive neither a minimum wage nor are their health or pension insurance paid.

An SSP press release states that the state is trying to “improve” employment statistics in Serbia with this project, while the question is raised whether the goal of this idea is the “exploitation and humiliation of young and educated people”.

The press release adds that it turns out that employees have been disenfranchised and paid half of the compensation they are entitled to, while some have yet to receive any money from the National Employment Service, which is obliged to pay for their work.

According to the SSP, the young employees do not receive a salary but compensation under the auspices of the project, which means that “there are no taxes or contributions paid on the compensation they get, they are not entitled to sick leave except for a work-related injury, and are not entitled to reimbursement of transportation costs or paid vacations.”

(Danas, 01.02.2021)

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