SSP: “Sinisa Mali will be remembered as minister who plunged Serbia into debt”

Dusan Nikezic, a member of the Freedom and Justice Party (SSP), said that Sinisa Mali will go down in history as the finance minister who was instrumental in Serbia having the biggest budget deficit ever and plunging the country further into debt.

“This is seen in the fact that we will end 2020 with a public debt of 28 billion euro, which is the highest public debt in the country’s history, and has grown by 13 billion euro after the SNS (Serbian Progressive Party) took power,” said Nikezic.

Nikezic added that the Minister of Finance talks about saving and taking care of every budget dinar, while at the same time, Serbia has the biggest budget deficit in its history, amounting to over four billion euro.

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He also said that Mali talks about hedging, but fails to talk about how the hedging will be paid, or how much Serbia has already paid for it.

“If the hedging costs are covered by the 8.3 billion dinars of the financing costs in 2020, then you have not done a good job,” said Nikezic.

According to him, Mali cites the example of how the Clinical Centre of Serbia can be built with budget savings.

“But he doesn’t say why the Clinical Centre has not been built in the last eight years and why none of the 13 billion euro of public debt was spent on that. Nobody in Serbia knows where that money went,” Nikezic warns.

(N1, 25.11.2020)



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