Srdjan Nogo thrown out of Dveri Movement

The Disciplinary Committee of the Dveri Movement decided to throw out MP Srdjan Nogo from the movement.

Nogo has been expelled because of “continuous action contrary to the decisions of the highest authorities of the Movement”, which grossly violated the movement’s Articles of Association, Dveri said.

The Disciplinary Committee concluded that Srdjan Nogo’s activities and actions from the recent past “seriously jeopardized the reputation of the Movement, went against the basic programme ideas and were contrary to the decisions of the highest management of the Movement”.

Therefore, the Disciplinary Committee decided that he cannot longer be a member of the Movement, and from now on, his activities do not represent the attitude, nor the policy of the Dveri.

“As an individual Srdjan Nogo has every right to pursue any political action as he sees fit, but Dveri, as a serious political organization, must insist on adherence to the internal rules and this decision shows that no-one is above from the rules, including deputies from Dveri”, the movement has said in a press release.

Disciplinary proceedings against Nogo were launched after his behaviour and statements given at 1in5 million protests in Belgrade.

Earlier, Nogo was excluded from the Presidency of the movement, because he said that if Prime Minister Ana Brnabic initialled the Dublin Agreement with the European Union on migrants, “should be hanged at Terazije right next to Aleksandar Vucic”.

(Danas, 19.02.2019)



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