Srbijagas to reduce price of industrial gas by 15% as of May 1

The price of gas for companies, that is, industrial consumers, will be lower by around 15% from May 1, while the price for households will not change, announced the director of Srbijagas, Dusan Bajatovic.

“We can now reduce the price of gas for industrial consumers and those who are in the free market. This price cut will amount to 15% (+/- 1%). We will see the exact percentage of price decrease once we calculate everything, but companies can count on the price decrease of at least 15%”, Bajatovic added.

He also said that, from May 1, the state would no longer subsidize the prices of gas.

“We have been implementing that kind of social policy for a long time, which cost us over USD 1 billion. We did that to protect the consumers, the economy and jobs. The Serbian government has now decided not to longer subsidize natural gas and to stop borrowing money to Srbijagas”, said Bajatovic.

The director of Srbijagas also said that the market prices of natural gas had gone up by 25% in the previous period.

(Novi Magazin, 19.04.2024)

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