SPP: “Vučić has generated more debt for Serbia than all his predecessors in the last 75 years combined”

The Freedom and Justice Party (Stranka Slobode i Pravde – SPP) says that the regime in power, led by the President of Serbia and Aleksandar Vucic’s Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), “has already indebted Serbia by more than three billion euro since the beginning of the year” and that “the public debt by the end of 2020 will reach 30 billion”.

According to the SPP, Vučić has generated more debt for Serbia than all his predecessors in the last 75 years combined.

“The other day, you (Vučić) bought fighter jets with budget money, and today you have decided that you are going to build a fast rail track to Niš with the Chinese (with no contract). These projects will generate billions of euros of debt, because we have no more money in the budget. What do we need new fighter jets and a new railway line in the middle of the crisis for? Hundreds of thousands of people might lose their jobs and you are borrowing billions of euros for investments from which Serbia will not benefit at all,” the SPP says.

“If we add the value of all the projects that Aleksandar Vučić has already agreed to implement with the Chinese, we will owe the Chinese 7.35 billion euro,” the SPP warns.

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“Stop it! Or we will go hungry! The whole country will only work to pay back the interest. You have to finally realize that it is not your money that you are spending and stop playing with the fate of our children who will have to pay off your debts for decades to come,” concludes the note from the SPP party.

(Naslovi.net, 27.07.2020)


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