Spel Manufacturing from the Czech Republic to open a factory in Bela Crkva

Spel Manufacturing s.r.o. based in Kolin, the Czech Republic, engaged in the production of cable and wire harnesses, low-voltage switchboards and contract manufacturing of low-voltage components and sub-assemblies, has signed a greenfield investment agreement in Bela Crkva.

The company will build a production plant, on a 0.65-hectare-land-plot, in the new Bela Crkva Industrial Zone.

The official website of the Czech Embassy in Belgrade states that the location in question will provide the company with greater choice of potential employees having in mind the fact that the current unemployment rate in Bela Crkva is nearly 20%.

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The Czech investor’s plan is to build a factory over the next two years and employ up to 70 people. The industrial hall will also include contemporary office space along with a storage unit and production hall.

“Spel Manufacturing chose Serbia mainly because of a great choice of a qualified workforce and to expand its current production capacities. The factory will operate on the principle of Contract Manufacturing which means that it provides manufacturing services based on customer requirements and specifications in construction, air conditioning, traffic and other segments,” the Czech Embassy posted on its website.

(eKapija, 24.06.2020)


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