Speculations about Fiat: Jeep is not going to be produced in Kragujevac

Media have been in an uproar about the information that the Chinese car maker, Great Wall Motors is allegedly going to buy Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Group (FCA), or at least some of its individual brands.

Certain Serbian media, especially those close to the current government, have gone a step further, and speculated that one of the biggest Chrylser’s brands – Jeep – is going to be produced in Fiat’s factory in Kragujevac.

To remind, over a week ago, Reuters reported that Great Wall Motor’s President, Wang Fengying, planned to contact FCA to discuss acquiring the Jeep brand. “With respect to this case, we currently have an intention to acquire. We are interested in (FCA),” an official at Great Wall Motor’s press relations department told Reuters. He declined to give his name and gave no further details. Two people familiar with the matter said Great Wall Motor had asked for a meeting with FCA to make an offer for all or part of the group.

Based on this information, Serbian media have built a whole story around the production of Jeep being moved to the Kragujevac plant.

To add fuel to fire, the media also reported that due to the fact that the production capacity in Kragujevac was only partially used, and because FCA said that they would start producing another car model there soon, production of Jeep here in inevitable. However, automotive industry experts claim that this is nonsense, particularly because FCA and its top management, with Sergio Marchionne at the helm, didn’t say anything about selling the entire FCA Group or a part of it to the Chinese.

Certain analysts do believe that, after the attempts to sell FCA Group to Volkswagen and General Motors, Marchionne is actually contemplating of selling the company to the Chinese.

What is certain, however, that, for years, Marchionne has been working on making Fiat one of the biggest car producers in the world, whether through acquiring or merging with other big automobile producers. Yes, there were attempts of Fiat merging with Volkswagen, General Motors, or several other big car companies, but they eventually failed.

(Danas, 04.09.2017)




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