Special bus lines for people who have to work during the state of emergency

“As of today (Monday), citizens who have been ordered to work during the state of emergency can use special public transport lines,” said the Speaker of the Belgrade Assembly, Nikola Nikodijevic, adding that the time schedule of these special bus lines can be found on the official websites of the city of Belgrade and on the city public transport company, GSP.

“These are not the usual public transport lines. They will connect certain parts of the city with the vital institutions that must function even in times of emergency. The lines will only be used by people who have to go to work and who have to have a document specifying that they can travel even during the curfew. We have a list and addresses of all the people working in the hospitals so that we can organize transportation for them too,” Nikodijevic underlined.

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As specified, people living in remote Belgrade’s municipalities like Sopot, Mladenovac, Grocka, Obrenovac etc. will be able to use special bus lines provided by the Lasta Company.

Nikodijevic also said that the employers had to issue a work order every single day for the employees who had to work during the curfew.

 “Large systems that have many employees have the possibility to organize the transportation of their workers in cooperation with GPS,” said Nikodijevic, adding that both the health care system and the municipal system would work properly if everyone followed the instructions given.

(N1, 22.03.2020)


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