Special anti-pollution masks available in pharmacies

As of yesterday, the citizens of Belgrade can buy anti-pollution masks in some pharmacies, while the residents of Pancevo, Valjevo, Uzice, Smederevo, Bor and Novi Sad will have to wait a little longer until the distributors send them.

The masks have a slightly denser filter than the classic ones, which stops the polluting particles from breaking through. The price of the masks ranges from 110 dinars for single-use, up to 800 dinars for masks that can be used several times.

In the coming days, in addition to these masks, pharmacies will start selling 3M (East) breathing masks, made in the UK.

Biljana Subotic, a technology engineer at 3M’s Serbian representative office, says that the demand for these masks has increased recently and that distributors can supply them to pharmacies.

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“For the moment, the 3M breathing masks can be purchased in safety equipment stores and clothing stores, but they will also be available in selected pharmacies in the coming days,” says Subotic.

The respiratory masks required for this type of air pollution are those that meet the FFP2 standard, i.e. the European level of protection.

“Air pollution is different and in the current atmospheric conditions in cities, we are talking about particulate pollution, with particles ranging from 2.5 to 10 microns in diameter. These particles can be filtered by FFP2 level respirators. The mask must be tightly fitted to the face and according to the instruction manual,” says Subotic.

She also notes that classic surgical masks do not fit well on the face and therefore do not adequately protect the user from external pollution, so they are not suitable and do not help in such cases.

(eKapija, 16.01.2020)




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