Spanish exhibition ‘The Shapes of the Soul’ at Belgrade’s Cervantes Institute

The exhibition of Spanish artists called “The Shapes of the Soul” opens on May 7th, 2019, at the gallery of the Cervantes Institute in Belgrade.

The exhibition’s curator Susana Blas gathered 14 artists, ages between 35 and 45, and gave them a difficult task of interpreting one of the works of Saint Teresa of Avila, a 16th-century Spanish mystic, aiming to provide an answer to the seemingly simple question – What is happening to the soul?

The exhibit first opened in Zaragoza in 2015, consists of several segments which portray various roles that the soul plays in everyday life, its transitional forms, the relationship between spirituality and religiousness, and diverse cultural influences on the concept and depictions of the soul.

Susana Blas, who is currently in Belgrade along with the artist Marina Vargas, will guide the visitors through the exhibition on May 7th, at the official opening.

Prior to Belgrade, the exhibition was staged in Madrid, Rome, Prague and other European cities with great success. It will be open until June 20th, and the admission is free.

(Headliner, 06.05.2019)



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